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Comvita Propolis Capsules PFL 15


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Derived from natural flavonoids found in plant life, bees defend their hives by combining sap with beeswax and enzymes to create Propolis. Take advantage of Propolis to provide extra defense against problems that affect cellular and immune support!


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Comvita Propolis Capsule contain Propolis, which is created by bees from the natural resin produced by trees as part of their defence system. Honeybees collect the resin, mix in beeswax and enzymes, and use it to protect the hive.


Comvita Propolis contains a range of bioflavonoids with well known antioxidant properties. Propolis helps maintain a healthy immune system.



Place of Origin: New Zealand



Directions: Take 2 capsules twice daily. Increase to 4 capsules twice daily as required. Do not exceed recommended daily intake.



Ingredients: Each 4 capsules contain: Cellulose-microcrystalline (bulking agent), Gelatin capsule, Propolis extract equivalent to 200mg pure Propolis (50mg pure Propolis per capsule), Glyceryl monostearate (anticaking agent), Silocon dioxide (anticaking agent).



Warnings: Propolis may cause severe allergic reactions. If irritation or sweeling of mouth or throat occurs, discontinue use and consult a healthcare practioner.

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