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Dr. Satin Snow Crystal Brightening Rose Concentrate


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Composed of whitening agents that fill your skin with positive energy.

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Miraculous drops that work just like a SPA hot oil whitening treatment. This hot oil effectively repairs the skin while emanating a sweet and pleasant fragrance of damask roses.

A unique whitening formula that effectively repairs the skin by penetrating into each of its layers, infusing the cells with various whitening agents, essential oils and plant seed extracts

Skin-friendly, incredible whitening, moisturizing, and repairing. It effectively clarifies the complexion by releasing a confidently healthy glow. Your skin will look fair and rosy.

The Damask roses from South valleys of Bulgaria have very few petals. Collected at dawn, it takes 5000 kg of flowers to distill 1 liter of rose essential oil. This richly scented oil has whitening, tightening, and softening properties. It can enhance confidence and charm, soothe the body and mind, relax tense skin, and elevate sensations of joy.

Product usage:?Apply to face after cleansing, as part of your skincare routine.

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