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Dr. Satin Squalance Anti-wrinkle Recovery Concentrate


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A miraculous double effect moisturizing and repairing formula.

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Out of stock

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Miraculous drops that work just like a SPA hot oil treatment?: the miraculous serum that offers a professional level of repair!

This formula made with natural extracts and plant pure hot oils is skin-friendly and extremely moisturizing. A highly efficient permeation system allows its squalene and ceramide components to be fully and quickly absorbed by the skin.

A simple vial allows you to achieve the best possible skin: repaired inside, no wrinkles will come out; protected on its upper layer, the cells in the lower areas will retain moisture. Giving the skin new vitality, this serum effectively prevents fine lines, and it’s the best choice if you aim at moisturizing your skin.

Product usage: Apply to face after cleansing, as part of your skincare routine.

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