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Dr. Shine Blue Goldtech Revitalizing Emulsion


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This product restores the skin’s luster and bright from the inside out. Pat it gently, moisturize the skin, adjust the oil-water balance of the skin, tighten and purify the pores.

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Dr. Shine Blue Goldtech Revitalizing Emulsion provides a brand new experience, presents a clean, translucent, smooth and beautiful skin, gently cleansing, can deeply cleanse and take away dirt, and maintain skin moisture.

Precautions: 1. For external use only, do not swallow. If the product gets into your eyes, please wash it off thoroughly with water. 2. For special sensitive skin, please test locally before use. If discomfort occurs during use, please stop using and consult a physician. 3. To avoid accidental ingestion by children, please place it where children cannot get it.

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