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Eu Yan Sang Pure Chicken Essence With American Ginseng & Red Dates


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Matched with ginseng, red dates and local chicken essence, this product can help restore physical strength, improve concentration and strengthen immunity. Suitable for people who stay up late or lack sleep.


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Out of stock

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American ginseng has many functions such as nourishing yin and qi, anti-fatigue, and improving immunity.

Matched with slightly sweet red dates, nourish blood; add savory local chicken, warm middle and nourish qi, refreshing and nourishing deficiency, can strengthen immunity, help restore physical strength, improve concentration, and enhance the essence of chicken essence as a whole, especially suitable for busy urban residents who often stay up late, work sleepy or lack sleep.


Ingredients: Chicken, red dates, American ginseng from Wisconsin




It can be consumed directly after opening, and the flavor will be better after heating.

  • Steaming and heating: Put the whole package in the pot directly, then pour water and heat it to boiling.
  • Soaking and heating: directly put the whole package in boiling water and soak for about 3 minutes.
  • Microwave heating: tear open the packaging bag, pour the dripping chicken essence into the microwave container, and heat for about 1 minute.




  • Do not put the packaging bag in a microwave oven to heat.
  • This product is manufactured with advanced production technology without added preservatives. Please consume it immediately after opening.
  • If the seal is broken or the packaging is abnormally expanded, do not eat it.
  • Please stop taking it when you have a cold or fever. Patients with branched-chain organic aciduria (such as maple syrupuria) should avoid consumption.
  • If you have doubts about your physique, such as pregnant women or chronically ill patients, please consult your doctor for advice first
  • This product contains natural raw materials, a small amount of sediment is normal.



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