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Eu Yan Sang Pure Chicken Essence


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Made from fresh free range chicken bred in Taiwan, this set is ideal for tonifying qi, replenishing health, strengthening immunity and increasing physical strength.


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Traditional Chinese custom believes that fresh chicken is the most ideal tonic supplement, which frozen or chilled chicken could not be compared. Eu Yan Sang Pure Chicken Essence is made from fresh chicken. Prepared within 30 minutes before stewing to maintain the original nutrients of fresh chicken from water loss during freezing and thawing. Chicken contains rich protein and 18 kinds of amino acids.


According to Chinese medicine practitioners, chicken can tonify qi, replenish health, strengthen immunity and increase physical strength. This health supplement also helps enhance concentration, eliminate fatigue, tonify blood, maintain vitality and improve the quality of breast milk.


Suitable for children, busy lifestyle, pre/post-natal, before/after surgery, weak constitutions and elderly.


What kind of chicken is used in Eu Yan Sang Pure Chicken Essence?

Eu Yan Sang Pure Chicken Essence is made from free range chicken bred in Taiwan of more than 12 months. Free range chicken with high activity, muscle is toned and therefore meat is succulent. No administered growth hormones or antibiotics, pass drug-free residue test and certified healthy by vet.


What is the difference between Eu Yang Sang Pure Chicken Essence and traditional essence of chicken?

Water and colours are added to traditional essence of chicken and it contains a gamy taste. However, Eu Yang Sang Pure Chicken Essence is made from fresh chicken with no added water, flavours, colours or preservatives. It contains essence of a whole chicken to preserve its original flavor and delicious taste.


What are the precautions for consuming Pure Chicken Essence?

Do not consume if you are suffering from common cold or fever. Not recommended for patients with branched-chain organic acidurias (such as maple syrup urine disease).



Ingredients: chicken



Drink a sachet every morning to stay healthy. This product can be taken directly from the sachet or heated for a better flavour. If you have any concerns on your health condition, especially pregnant women or people with long term illness, please consult your physician before use.


Reheat Instructions

  • On the stove: Place unopened sachet into a pot, add water and heat until boiling.
  • Immersion: Place unopened sachet into a bowl of boiling water and soak for 3 minutes.
  • Microwave : Empty the contents into a microwave-safe container. Microwave for about 1 minute.



  • Open the sachet cautiously as the content may be hot after heating.
  • Remove all packaging before putting into microwave oven; do not microwave the sachet.
  • This product is made using advanced manufacturing techniques with no preservatives added. Please consume immediately after the sachet is opened.
  • Do not consume if the packaging seal is damaged or the sachet is swollen.
  • Not recommend to use if you are suffering from common cold or fever. Patients of branched-chain organic aciduria diseases (such as Maple syrup urine disease) should avoid consuming this product.
  • This product contains natural ingredient. The presence of small amounts of sediments is a normal phenomenon.


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