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Eu Yan Sang Pure Cordyceps V-Essence


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Using unique extraction techniques of Pure Cordyceps™ to preserve the activity of bioactive compounds in Hirsutella Sinensis, this product helps improve vitality and general health. Recommended for adults who wish to boost their immunity, improve vitality and lessen fatigue.


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Eu Yan Sang Pure CordycepsTM  V-Essence is a faster absorption formula as compared to the capsules. This is best suited for individuals who are very weak and/or do not like to take pills. It has a very mild non-herbal taste.


The main ingredient in Eu Yan Sang Pure Cordyceps™ is Hirsutella Sinensis, which is a strain of cordyceps that is proven to be 99.645% genetically identical to rare wild cordyceps according to rDNA sequence analysis (ITS 1, ITS 2 and 5.85rDNA).


With such a close genetic similarity, Eu Yan Sang Pure Cordyceps™ also contains natural bioactive compounds of high potency found in wild cordyceps, to help improve vitality and general health.


Eu Yan Sang Pure Cordyceps™ is recommended for adults who wish to boost their immunity, improve vitality and lessen fatigue. Individuals who have fatigue or general weakness will benefit from this supplement.


It is especially effective for:

  • Post surgery, childbirth or serious illness
  • Constant fatigue
  • Elderly


Ingredients: 3500mg of 100% Cordyceps (Hirsutella Sinensis) per bottle


Recommended usage:

  • Maintenance:
    Take Pure Cordyceps capsules on a daily basis. Drink a bottle of V-Essence once a week for added vitality.
  • Recovering from surgery, childbirth or serious sickness:
    Take one to two bottles of V-Essence everyday for strength and recovery. Once energy levels has returned, switch to Pure Cordyceps capsules on a daily basis.
  • Feeling tired:
    Take Pure Cordyceps capsules and a bottle of V-Essence daily until fatigue is gone.
  • For the elderly:
    Consider switching to V-Essence for more noticeable effects.


*Can be taken on an empty stomach. Shake well before opening. Upon opening, properly seal, refrigerate and consume within 48 hours.

Effects can be felt in two weeks (assuming an individual is consuming 1/2 bottle daily for maintenance).


Recommended dosage:





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