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Eu Yan Sang Tian Qi Capsules


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Traditional Chinese herb TianQi in capsule form to nourish the blood, restore energy levels and promote metabolism in the elderly and weak.


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Tian Qi is the root of Panax Notoginseng of the Araliaceae family.  Another name for Tianqi is San Qi (Three-Seven) because it is believed that the best Tianqi should be harvested between three and seven years.  An earlier or later harvest of Tianqi will not be as efficacious, particularly in its hemostatic action.


Tian Qi is an important herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine owing to its abilities to eliminate blood statis, reduce swellings and pain, and stop bleeding.  It is widely used in the treatment of traumatic injuries, various kinds of bleeding and in many emergencies.  Hence, Tian Qi has come to be known as Jinbu huan, translated ad “cannot be exchanged for gold”, due to its precious value.


Tian Qi can be used as a tonic for convalescents and women after childbirth as it can activate circulation of blood and Qi, and restore energy levels.  It also nourishes the blood and promotes metabolism in the elderly and weak.  When children exhibit slow growth, some people give them Tian Qi to speed up the growth process.


Ingredients: Panax Notoginseng 420mg


Directions: Take 2 capsules taken daily with warm water.


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