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Health & Wellness Bundle for Women


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This Health & Wellness Kit comes with:

  • 1 box of Gold Label Bak Foong Pills 14g*6 (Small Pills)
  • 1 box of Gift Pack – Essence Of Chicken – Traditional, 3 bottles
  • 1 box of Gift Pack – Herbal Soup Pack – Vitality
  • 1 box of Gift Pack – Bird’s Nest – Superior Concentrated, 150g

Purchase this bundle and save 20% compared to buying the products individually.


For generations, Eu Yan Sang’s Gold Label Bak Foong Pills have been the natural long-term remedy of choice when it comes to coping with monthly discomforts.  Made from an age-old prescribed formula, it is suitable for the hectic lifestyles of today’s women.  With regular consumption, not only will it help alleviate menstrual symptoms, improve the health of your womb and maintain vitality so that you can be your best at all times.


Essence of Chicken – Traditional gift set would be ideal for new mothers-to-be who require prenatal nourishment. It helps in replenishing Qi and blood and is therefore excellent for revitalizing tired bodies and minds, improving metabolism.


Vitalizing Herbal Soup Pack contains 4 different types of soup packs: Chinese Angelica Herbal Soup 75g, Si-Shen Herbal Soup 102g, Superior Grade Herbal Soup 80g and Essence of Chicken Soup with Cordyceps & Eucommia Barks Herbal Soup 250g. Ideal for avid herbal soup lovers.


Superior Concentrated Bird’s Nest: Bird’s Nest is known to maintain youthfulness and enhance the complexion as it is rich in epidermal growth factor (the substance that is responsible for skin and tissue repair).




  • For promoting youth and health: one bottle of gold label bak foong pills taken once weekly.
  • For general weakness: one bottle of pills taken at every two days interval.
  • For malnutrition after childbirth: one bottle of pills taken daily repeating for several days. It should be taken after clearing labour discharge (normally about 10 days).
  • Recommended Dosage for essence of chicken: For adolescents and adults, take one bottle each time. For children under 12 years of age, take half a bottle each time. Directions: Shake well before consumption. Upon opening, please refrigerate and consume within 12 hours.


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