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Medicube Sensitive Anti-Blemish Set


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Medicube red line is an non-irritating skincare line for acne prone skin. This set comes with:


  1. Red Erasing Cream
  2. Red Centella Scar Ointment

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With extensive expertise by working with dermatologists and clinical results, Medicube strives to tackle the fundamental cause of your skin concerns by skin expertise, safe ingredients and clinical test completed.

This set comes with:

1.Red Erasing Cream

  • Hydrate and soothe dry and sensitive skin.
    Low pH, skin soothing moisture cream that is made with fourfold hyaluronic acid to hydrate internal and external skin. Created with safe EWG green grade ingredients, this cream is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • Formulated with high performance hyaluronic acid composed of high, mid, low molecules and hydroxypropyltrimonium hyaluronate to moisturize internal and external skin with lasting hydration. High performance hyaluronic acid adheres moisture to skin for lasting hydration. External hydration hyaluronic acid creates skin moisture layer to provide hydration and keep moisture from evaporating, internal hydration hyaluronic acid is absorbed into internal skin to ensure lasting hydration, whereas moisturizing hyaluronic acid adheres moisturizing particles to minimize stickiness and help maintain hydration.
  • For people with dry and flaky skin seeking moisturization and hydration from the inside out

2. Red Centella Scar Ointment

  • This product is a quasi-drug supplement ointment for healing concern areas that provide supplementary healing for skin wounds and lesions
  • It is important to provide fast calming and supplementary healing to the sensitive skin barrier that has been weakened by rupturing
  • Suitable for aggravated sensitive skin, severe flaking caused by dry skin and stretched out pores

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