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Taiyiyuan Turmeric Relief Set


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This set comes with:

  1. Taiyiyuan Turmeric Warm & Relieving Patch 5pcs x6packs
  2. Taiyiyuan Turmeric Warm&Reliving roller gel 35g x6pcs
  3. Taiyiyuan Turmeric Warm & Reliving cream 30g x6pcs


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In stock

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Tai Yi Yuan all contains the special I-Tiao Gung extracts and add with variety of essential oils to achieve comfort and fresh feeling and relieve fatigue and discomfort for the muscle. In order to serve different customers ?demand and preference, the different series add in different essential oils. Customers can select the preferable and best series based on their own demands.

Here are the features of different forms:
? Patch ? Easy stick, Low sensitivity and Breathable, Suitable for Long-term use on a large area.
? Cream & Balm ? Deeply absorb with Massage, Suitable for Enhancing partly.
? Roller Gel & Oil ?Relax by easy-carry design, Suitable for use anytime.

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