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Tru Niagen Stick Pack Duo set (15 sachets x 2 pcs)


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Discover the benefits of cellular energy, defense, repair, and vitality. Mix our recommended 300mg with your favorite beverage.

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This set comes with: Tru Niagen Stick Pack 15 sachets x 2pcs

Formulated for optimal cellular nutrition. One stick packet of Tru Niagen® contains 300mg of patented nicotinamide riboside, a micronutrient bio-engineered for optimized absorption by the cell.

  • Cellular Energy: Tru Niagen® fuels your body’s energy engines—your mitochondria.*
  • Cellular Defense: Tru Niagen® helps cells defend against metabolic stresses, such as overeating.*
  • Cellular Repair: Tru Niagen® promotes repair at the cellular level, counteracting the effects of stress and time on your body.*
  • Cellular Vitality: Tru Niagen® helps cells run more efficiently as you age, promoting youthful cellular function.


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