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Vistra Pack Acerola Cherry Dietary Supplement Set


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Acerola Cherry is a powerful source of Vitamin C which helps boost your immunity system and support metabolic functions.


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This set comes with 2 pieces of Vistra Pack Acerola Cherry 100 tablets and 2 pieces of Vistra Pack Acerola Cherry 45 tablets.


Acerola cherry is a type of fruit that has a high Vitamin C content. Vitamin C can support immune system, stimulate collagen forming and general health care.


Place of Origin: Thailand


Directions: Take 1 tablet daily with meal.


Ingredients: Acerola Cherry Extract 1000mg, Citrus Bioflavonoids 80mg, Pomegranate Extract 60mg, Grape Seed Extract 40mg, Beta Carotene 10% 30mg, Lycopene 10% 30mg.

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